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The Livingston County R-III School Board of Education held their regular school board meeting on January 12th at 6:30 pm. The board recognized volunteers, Larissa Regan and Madison Imgarten for their work with students. The Livingston County R-III Board reviewed the Student Health Services program and the School Wellness Program. Chula School has agreed to work with Therapylog to provide the school with necessary equipment in correlation with the Student Health Services program. Therapylog will allocated approximately $10,000 of grant funds  to purchase a health services cot, portable AED machine, locking medicine cabinet, new classroom evacuation/emergency kits, and more so that Chula School can continue to have updated equipment for health services compliance. 

In the January meeting, the Livingston County R-III School board also discussed assessment results (MAP, iReady benchmark, SAT 10 scores) and interventions to combat learning loss that took place through the COVID era.   The district Board of Education approved a Reading success plan for multi tiered intervention and supports and the Chula School hired a part-time paraprofessional to provide Math tutoring two days a week to students.

The Livingston County R-III School approved approved an $8,000,000 insurance umbrella plan through M.U.S.I.C. insurance and the 2023-2024 School calendar. The calendar can be found on the school website under documents. 

The Livingston County R-III School district also approved the resignation of Kim Ficken kitchen aide, Marty Sharp, custodian/maintenance, and Marj Locker art teacher.  

The Livingston County R-III School Board will meet on February 14th at 6:30pm