Color Run/Walk

Chula School will host the 1st Annual Color Run/ Walk. The Color Run/ Walk will kick off the annual Chula Street Fair. The Color Run/Walk will start at 7:00am on Saturday, September 17th at Chula School and end in downtown Chula at the Fire Station. The Fire Station will serve breakfast for the community and race participants. 

A color run is intended to represent healthy, happy, and glowing fun. To make your color run fun wear colorful attire and a white t-shirt! And be prepared to be blasted with non toxic color at each color station along the race. 

Time doesn't matter in a color run/walk race, only the amount of fun you have matters! There will  not be a timing system on site for this race. You may need to set your watch, phone, or clock to time your race if that is important to you. 

Registration is $5 per participant. Use this link to register: suggests these tips to prepare for your Color Run:

The Color Run 101: How to Prepare for The Color Run

  1. Bring a small sandwich bag for your cell phone.
  2. Wear a bandana and sunglasses. 
  3. Bring a towel and baby wipes. 
  4. Get there early. 
  5. Take “Before and After” photos. 
  6. Run with your friends, your family, and/or your kids. 
  7. Have fun.