Section I: Instruction

IA - Instructional Goals/Priority Objectives

IC - ​Academic Calendar/Year/Day

IF - Curriculum Development

IGA - Basic Instructional Programs

IGAC - Teaching about Religion

IGAD - Occupational Education

IGAEA - Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

IGAEB - Teaching about Human Sexuality

IGBA - Programs For Students With Disabilities

IGBB - Programs for Gifted Students
            IGBB-AP1 - Programs for Gifted Students--Procedure

IGBC - Parent/Family Involvement in Instructional and Other Programs

IGBCA - Programs for Homeless Students

IGBCB - Programs for Migrant Students

IGBD - At-Risk Students

IGBE - Students in Foster Care

IGBG - Homebound Instruction

IGBH - Programs for English Language Learners

IGBI - Home Schooling

IGC - Extended Instructional Programs

IGCD - Virtual Courses

​IGCDA - MOCAP Virtual Courses

IGCE - District-Sponsored Instructional Options

IGD - District-Sponsored Extracurricular Activities and Groups

IGDB - Student Publications

IGDBA - Distribution of Noncurricular Student Publications

IGDF - Student Fundraising

IGDJ - Interscholastic Athletics

IHB - Class Size

IIA - Instructional Materials

IIAC - Instructional Media Centers/School Libraries

IIAC-R - Instructional Media Centers/School Libraries - Selection and Reconsideration of Materials

IICA - Field Trips and Excursions

IICC - School Volunteers
          IICC - Procedure

IK - Academic Achievement

IKE - Promotion, Acceleration and Retention of Students

IKF - Graduation Requirements

IKFB - Graduation Exercises

IL - Assessment Program

ILA - Test Security

IM - Evaluation of Instructional Programs

IND - Ceremonies and Observances